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Rochdale has installed two “Nile Pan” type loos. These are the ones that are basically holes in the ground. They have been installed in a shopping centre after Council bosses went on a cultural awareness course.

Now normally I wouldn’t be against a private company installing such types of toilet facilties if there was a real clamour for them. Or if the company thought that it would be good customer service to provide special facilities for a large majority of their customers.

However Rochdale implementing them has nothing to do with benefiting the foriegn born who are accustomed to using such toilets nor anything to do with cleaning staff complaining about cleaning up empty water bottles from Muslims attempting to perform their purification rituals. It has everything to do with a certain person who told a gullible audience who had gone one a cultural awareness course that a large number of muslims perfered to use such a toilet. Such people are also easily persuded that they have to feel guilty if they didn’t do everything to be more “culturally aware”. Surprisingly you don’t hear about Muslims going on a cultural awareness course to learn about typical British customs – like how to use a normal toilet.

This person, Ghulham Rasul Shazhad OBE, managed to persude the shopping centre managers despsite fact that there was no supporting evidence to back him up. Only the ego of this person to further their cause and make themselves seem important and to further the “we are the victims you must do everything in your power to compensate us” type attitude. Not even Asians believe that Rochdale have done it to be culturally sensitive.

If the shopping centre were really bothered about supporting Muslims but within our British norms they would have implemented bidets or installed more than a token two – as if two toilets will satisfy the 10% of Rochdale which I assume is a large percentage of the muslim community. If Muslims were really bothered about the cleaning aspect they would have implemented them in their mosques (they already have) and not bothered the centre at all. As it is they’ve got their loos (and it will be theirs not any other groups’ since no one else will like using them) for free.

It says a lot that somone can comment “It just shows that the people of Greater Manchester are becoming more cosmopolitan and global-minded.” As if the installation of two toilets would make the whole of Greater Manchester more culturally aware. I thought Greater Manchester was pretty cosmopolitan and globally minded already from all the restaurants on the Curry Mile.

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July 15, 2010 at 22:30

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