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The Emperor

So the Emperor is dead. The Emperor being a 12 year old red deer stag.

All the animal lovers are up in arms about his death. To be honest even though I like animals I’m pretty much meh about it.

There are a number of factors that mean it’s not such a big deal for me.
1) Red deer stags are pretty much past it after 11 years. They no longer have their harem of 20 or so hinds. They peak at around 8 years of age.
2) The Emperor was 12 years old, so he’s had around 8 years to pass on his genes.
3) Red deers need to be culled to keep their numbers down. Yep, they are actually pretty succesful at breeding.
4) A number of young, a number of mature and the ill are culled.
5) It’s legal.
6) The landowner has been paid lots of money for the kill and he can use it to maintain the deer in the future.

Finally, because of the news loads of people are up in arms about it and clamouring for the banning of all hunting. It makes me think that someone has an agenda in highlighting hunting so that they can ban it. I suspect that most of the clamouring is from townies who don’t understand how rural life works and the countryside is not all pretty and nice. Sometimes bad things need to be done to ensure that the nice pretty countryside continues to be nice and pretty.

Written by sbml

October 26, 2010 at 23:11