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Hypocrticial eco fascists

So Anthony Watts at WUWT has spotted that members of 10:10 have guilty pleasures. Guilty pleasures that mean a lot of CO2 is used to provide them with their pleasure. Shortly after publicising these seemingly innocent facts, the link to the team member’s bio pages disappeared from the main page. The bios are are still available via deep linking (typing in the full URL) rather than navigating from the home page. This has all the hall marks of someone who is embarrassed about these facts because it shows them up for being hypocritical when their whole campaign is built around being eco to the extreme. Extreme as in extremist. Extremist as in terrorists who blow up people who don’t believe in the same aims as themselves.

Anyway, they missed a bit. The details are still available via the global 10:10 site. Select a country like the US, then find the About link, the click on The Team. Or click here.

For your pleasure, here is a selection of their guilty pleasures besides Franny Armstrong liking out of season Blueberries.

Lizzie Gillett – Out of season strawberries or blueberries.
Ben Margolis – Heating in the winter.
Julika Niehaus – Long hot showers.
Tony Lowes – High powered cars.
Daniel Nemet – I love to travel and therefore I fly often.

More available at the different country’s pages. If they are still available when you read this.

New Zealand
Costa Rica

Written by sbml

October 12, 2010 at 22:31