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Motorway madness

Just been driving along the M62. Why do the information signs say such thing like it’s 6mins to the next junction which is 6miles away. What’s the point?

Telling you that there is an accident up ahead is useful. Telling you that a junction up ahead is closed is useful. Telling you that there are delays and long queues ahead is useful. Telling you that the road is clear is not useful. It’s just putting text on the sign because the sign is there. Probably on the basis that they’ve paid so many hundreds of thousands for each sign (and that’s probably true) that they have to maximise it’s use on the basis of the number of message displayed.

And then there are the other signs that indicate speed restrictions or lane closures. Why do they show speed restrictions for a number of signs and and then you start to wonder where the accident/problem is which is causing it. Then you see the end of restriction sign with no sign of any problems at all. Is anyone monitoring the motorway with their umpteen number of CCTVs? Or are they watching Eastenders on their monitors instead? I vaguely remember someone saying that these signs always carrying on indicating a problem well past the existence of the problem because it requires a motorway cop to actually turn them off on site, or something along those lines. Crazy because the longer the signs indicate a problem when there isn’t one the more it sounds like crying wolf. Eventually drivers won’t believe the signs and then you’re back at the situation where the signs might as well not exist.

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October 23, 2010 at 23:52

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