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Strictly the journey

So Ann Widdecombe think that Strictly Come Dancing is an entertainment show and not a dance show.  She says if it was a dance show it would be on BBC Sports. It’s entertainment because of the people like her in it.

But I say it is a dance show which provides entertainment as the audience watches the celebrities learn how to dance. The reason the likes of Ann Widdecombe and Paul Daniels are in the show is to allow them to be kicked out early whilst giving the other celebrities a chance to actually pick up some useful skills.

However, I will agree with her on one point. The audience is liking her antics and are voting to keep her in so it is democracy in action. Though the reason she is being kept in is so that the audience can laugh at her. But since she knows that and is happy with that then all you can say about her is that she just wants publicity, any publicity, now that she is no longer a politician able to command publicity whenever she wants.

As is mentioned many times on Strictly Takes 2, it’s the journey that is the important thing with all participants.

Written by sbml

November 28, 2010 at 20:51