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Harriet Harman’s QoD

Harriet Harman was such a brilliant politician that she dreamed up the Equality Act which has these fantastic definitions in them. We need more politicians like her – to make the UK’s legal system a laughing stock of the world.

A reference to an age group is a reference to a group of persons defined by reference to age;
A reference to a disabled person is a reference to a person who has a disability;
A reference to a transsexual person is a reference to a person who has the protected characteristic of gender reassignment.;
A reference to a person’s racial group is a reference to a racial group into which the person falls;
Religion means any religion and a reference to religion includes a reference to a lack of religion;

And the best one which covers sex is

a reference to a person who has a particular protected characteristic is a reference to a man or to a woman;

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February 5, 2011 at 22:49

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Daily Fail SafeStyle

It’s not often that you can prove that the Daily Mail really is the Daily Fail. They can’t even get a good page to do a screen grab on.

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February 4, 2011 at 23:59

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How to fill empty houses

Controversial idea this. How about we ship a whole load of people out of England across the sea to Ireland?

Ireland has had a housing collapse. Loads of estates full of empty houses.

England doesn’t have enough houses and loads of people who don’t do any work.

So why don’t we ask politely of all the people put up in cheap crap houses if they would like to move to a brand new house. And rather than the government giving Ireland £7bn what it should do is buy all these empty and now cheap houses. Money flows into Ireland. English people get brand new houses. The UK government’s capital base will increase after the end of the recession and they can sell the houses for a profit. Everyone wins. Well maybe not Ireland totally as they would get the dredges of English society. But then see how Australia changed from being populated by convicts to being a major succesful country. Would Ireland change from a sparesly populated country to one heaving with a multicultural society?

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November 20, 2010 at 18:32

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