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Marriage != Civil Partnership

Bit of an old issue (2008) but I need to up my post count so I may as well comment on anything and everything as my blog byline says.

This is about Lillian Ladele who was a registrar in Islington and who refused to carry out a civil registration because it was against her religion/beliefs. She was subsequently sacked and then took the council to the employment tribunal and won on the basis that she was discriminated against.

Firstly, civil partnerships are not marriages. Civil partnerships are a legal creation to allow people to take advantage of tax benefits offered by the state. Marriages are a purely religious event which are recognised by the state. So to refuse to perform a legal act because of your religious beliefs shows you to be a bigoted and narrow minded person, especially when the legal act has no religious connotations.

Secondly, what about the beliefs of the gay people who want to have a civil partnership in Islington. They would be offended if they had to rearrange their ceremony if Ms Lillian Ladele refused to perform for them.

So which offence trumps the other. Do religious rights come first before sexual rights. Or do sexual rights come first.

Why don’t we just remove all such offending situations from the law. If you are offended then feel happy because it also means that you can say what you think even if offends someone else. If you felt that you could never say or do something because someone “might” be offended you would always be looking over your back and you would always err on the side of caution. Is that freedom? Nope.

The “!=” in the title means does not equal in computer speak.

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October 23, 2010 at 16:48

Shocking result of gay poll in The Sun

According to all the twatters The Sun is in deep doo doo for publishing a poll where they asked about people’s views about gay cabinet members. All the “shocked, how dare they do such a thing, they must be homophobic” comments are missing a point. Look at the result. It shows that many people don’t care about a gay cabinet member. The result of the poll actually shows that the general population are not homophobic because they don’t care. Using the usual fudging of figures bit the result shows that 93% are not against gays in the top levels of government. Only 5% are against it. Where the other 2% went I don’t know, maybe they are the asexuals.

Poll in the sun

Sun Polls

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June 2, 2010 at 10:50

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