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There’s PhonePayPlus and JobCenterPlus. Two goverment departments/quangos.

Why are they called SomethingPlus? Does the plus make them a better organisation? Does the plus mean they provide more services than an organisation without the Plus? What about when there isn’t an organisation without the plus?

Nah, the Plus means crap all. It’s the usual marketing way of pretending that you bigger and better than you really are. PhonePayPlus is just as crap as an organisation called ICSTIS. JobCenterPlus is just as crap as the original JobCenter. What the plus stands for is double speak for Negative.

So the two organisations should be called PhonePayNegative and JobCenterNegative. A lot more truthful as a description of their aims.

Written by sbml

October 11, 2010 at 21:21

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