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Shocking result of gay poll in The Sun

According to all the twatters The Sun is in deep doo doo for publishing a poll where they asked about people’s views about gay cabinet members. All the “shocked, how dare they do such a thing, they must be homophobic” comments are missing a point. Look at the result. It shows that many people don’t care about a gay cabinet member. The result of the poll actually shows that the general population are not homophobic because they don’t care. Using the usual fudging of figures bit the result shows that 93% are not against gays in the top levels of government. Only 5% are against it. Where the other 2% went I don’t know, maybe they are the asexuals.

Poll in the sun

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June 2, 2010 at 10:50

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All Tory MPs look the same


The young Labour MP next to me, assuming I was one of her New Labour colleagues, said “My God, look across there, don’t those Tories all look like stereotypical Tories?” …

Well, I bet that a Tory sitting on the opposite side would be saying the same thing. And you know what? All MPs look like sterotypical MPs. Smart suits, pastel ties, etc. As shown by the rest of the paragraph

… to which I replied “Mmmm… quite. And I’ve got to work with them”.

The Labour MP is showing her tribal subconsious. Its all us and them. Still none of this “working for the good of the country”, only for the good of the party.

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June 1, 2010 at 20:24

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